Full Moon in Cancer and Aquarius Galore!

full moon in cancer

This months Full Moon is in Cancer, exact at 8:53pm PST on Sunday, January 4th (4:54am Jan 5th GMT). This Cancer Full Moon kicks off 2015 by cracking our hearts open for a deeper understanding of Love. This Moon puts our greatest fears and insecurities on display. Seeing our fears out in the open is an opportunity to love completely. It’s not just our own fears that we face. Those we love are feeling upheaval in their comfort zone too. Loving each other through the depths of discomfort and turmoil brings us to a new level of Trust, in ourselves, our Love, and the Universe.

This Cancer Full Moon shines with a supporting cast of inner planets in Aquarius. Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in this revolutionary social idea sign. This Aquarian chorus inspires us to trust this new understanding of Love and sing our heart song loud and proud. We need to look for bold new ways to meet each others needs for connection, comfort and inspiration. Radical honesty with ourselves and others and radical trust in receiving what we need are the only way forward from this point.

This power packed combination has us feeling vulnerable and exposed, but needing to express ourselves at the same time. Holding compassion for the people we love creates connection and builds trust. If you are feeling cornered or uncomfortable chances are other people in the situation are too. When your comfort zone is compromised where do you run for safety? Safety is not a place, it’s a mindset. Cultivate love and compassion in your heart and you find peace in the most unpredictable situations.

Open your heart to radical Love!

Blessed Be!



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