Full Moon in Gemini

Lotus_Reflection gemini large

This month the Full Moon lands in Gemini, exact on Saturday Dec 6th at 4:27 am PST (11:27 am GMT). This big bright Gemini Moon lights up the doubles and extremes in our lives, the reflections that run deep and true. We’re shedding the last layers obscuring our view of our true love and our deepest fears. Under this moon we can put our heart on our sleeve and see how far our ideas will take us.

We’re setting the stage now for a phase of slowing down and taking gradual building steps towards bigger goals and aspirations. This next few weeks promises to be an interesting time. Mars moves into Aquarius, and Venus and Mercury move on into Capricorn, shifting our attention to sustainable action and practical designs. If we can’t talk reasonably and calmly about things, we won’t be able to get motivated. This Gemini Full Moon is the perfect opportunity to explore extremes and let our minds really run wild before we crave stable productivity.

The Full Moon in Gemini on Saturday is also a good time to gather information. Gemini is the data collector of the zodiac. Look at the facts, gather opinions, network and share ideas. This is the perfect moment to have complex discussions without stepping on toes or triggering reactions.  That being said, we can also easily cross our boundaries without noticing. Keep a weather eye on your comfort zone, but don’t be afraid to share. Get your ideas out and see what grows wings!

Great minds inspire Truth!

Blessed Be!

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  1. I just wanted to say that a mutual friend showed me your site once and I’ve been following your readings for over a year. Your accuracy and positive vibes keep me coming back. I typically can predict about 3 days before the full or new moon and come looking for your insight.
    Thank you!

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