New Moon in Sagittarius

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Sagittarius Full Moon

This month the New Moon is in Sagittarius, exact at 4:32am PST on Saturday November 22nd (11:31am GMT). This New Moon gives us the fresh perspective we need to see the changes in ourselves and our world in a new light. Sagittarius is the explorer of the zodiac, always pushing the envelope, testing the edges, redefining terms and boundaries. It’s time grow our comfort zone. We’ve come through a period of extreme change, letting go, starting over, rebirth. Before we can jump into the next phase of growth and exploration we need to get a little more stable in the here and now. Making space in our lives for simple joys and creature comforts is crucial. What does your self care routine look like? Take the time to notice what makes you feel safe and happy and celebrate those activities.

Sagittarius New Moon asks us how far we are willing to go. The edges of our comfort zones have blurred. In fact our comfort zone has been completely redefined in the last two months. Once we honor the changes to our safety zone we can see how our new ideas relate to our long term goals. We are in a position now to identify what motivates us and what we are willing to put our effort and intention into. We’re communicating now about the emotional ramifications of our changes, but that will shift in a week when Mercury joins the Sagittarius party on Saturday  November 29th. With Mercury, Venus, and the Sun in Sagittarius our inspiration begins to evolve. This is a natural evolution, gentler and more predictable than the last stage of extreme change. Focus on how little daily changes now set you up for long term happiness. The next stage of the revolution is calling, share your gifts and create a better world!

Expand your comfort zone! Explore your inspiration!

Blessed Be!



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