Full Moon in Taurus!

Taurus Full meditation

This month the Full Moon lights up in Taurus, fullest on Thursday November 6th at 2:23pm PST (10:23pm GMT). We’ve come through a series of reevaluations, changing priorities and letting go of old ways. Under the light of the Taurus Full Moon our focus shifts to building and growing. The seeds we’ve planted in the midst of the chaos and the parts of our lives and our selves that we’ve invested in begin to crystallize. We can see the foundations and structures supporting us and the next steps towards building stability and comfort become clear. The way is opening for us to grow support and move further on our Path.

 Three days after the Full Moon in Taurus, Mercury moves into Scorpio with another Water Trine pushing communications to the heart of the matter. This marks the end of the month long cycle of rehashing ideas of diplomacy, social structure and gentleness that began when Mercury first went retrograde on October 4th. Mercury in Scorpio gives our words and expression depth and intensity. We’ve been practicing saying the nice thing in the moment, and now we need to take that one step further and make sure we are being true to our hearts as well as kind and compassionate. 

Weaving the love in our hearts into the structures that support our growth and action is as simple as expressing ourselves. It’s time to be honest with the people in our lives about where our heart lies and the significance of our personal mystery. No two people walk the same Path. We may find kindred spirits and travel together for part of the way, but our understanding and lessons along that road are unique to our perspective. Building trust and compassion in our relationships is key to personal growth. We need places to express ourselves freely in order to grow and feel supported. Our comfort zones should reflect our needs in love, foster understanding and give us space to explore our deepest mysteries. Go where you are loved and love those you find there.  

Express your heart! Support love! 

Blessed Be! 



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