Full Moon in Aries and Total Lunar Eclipse!!!

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Ready, Set, Change! This months Full Moon is an apex of transformation. The Full Moon is exact on Wednesday the 8th of October at 3:51am PDT (10:51am GMT).  This Full Moon is accompanied by a Total Lunar Eclipse exact just minutes later. These two events together light up a new beginning with the potential to burn everything to the ground and build us up beyond our dreams. This grand rebirth is perfectly supported by a Fire Trine between Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and the Moon in Aries. The call to action is now. The more present and complete we are in the moment the deeper this change will go. This is the cosmic green light of opportunity and action for creative, spiritual, passionate endeavors. 

The Full Moon in Aries shines her light on our need to express and explore. The planning and preparation phase is over, it’s time to take action and embrace change. Whatever your passion is, do it now. Let go of anything that stands between you and doing what makes you feel alive. The Total Lunar Eclipse intensifies our ability to let go and start completely over.

Just as we are getting fired up to live our passion and start something new we get pulled back out to look at our social circles and see who supports us and who is holding us back. This is no moment to be shy. If someone is standing in your way, call them on it and ask them to step aside. Sometimes people who love us stand in our way trying to protect us. Right now experimentation is more important than safety. Even if we fall on our faces a couple times along the way we have to get out there and try. This is the beginning of something great.

The Fire Trine between Jupiter, Mars and the Moon gives us the support we need for this complete transformation. Jupiter in Leo holds the door of opportunity wide open for us to look our dreams square in the eye and say more please! Mars in Sagittarius motivates us to transform energy in our life and keep exploring. There is no dream too big, only fear big enough to hold us back. It’s time to do something completely different. The opportunity to start over and follow our dreams is staring us right in the face, all we have to do is say yes!


Ignite Your Life With Passion! Embrace Change!

Blessed Be! 


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