New Moon in Libra and Fall Equinox!!!

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This month the New Moon in Libra is exact on Tuesday the 23rd of September at 11:14pm Pacific Time (Wed 24th at 6:15am GMT). This New Moon will feel like a deepening of the transitions brought on by the Autumn Equinox on Monday the 22nd. The build towards the Equinox has brought on big transitions and deep realizations about our Truth and our way in the world. Pieces of ourselves we’ve forgotten or ignored are coming back in. Our lives and selves are coming back into balance. After the rush of releasing, clearing, opening joy this Summer it’s time to honor the hard parts of the changes we need to make, build support structures, deepen our roots, and transition to a more holistic approach. We need people and routines in our lives that help us in the hard times as well as the good.

This Equinox moment followed by the New Moon in Libra is a call to Radical Balance. In the balancing moment between dark and light we can see the extremes of our behavior and our situation. The scales we use to judge the world are being adjusted. They may no longer suit the situation. Before we can find the middle ground that actually supports our needs we have to look at the extremes of our spectrum and see if they are still true to our experience. Deep reflection and extreme honesty with ourselves and the people around us is the order of the day. That is no small task. 

All this Summer we’ve been crafting a new persona that honors our strengths and allows our weaknesses to be seen. When the New Moon in Libra hits on Tuesday we are ready to show the world who we are; the whole picture, no holds barred. When we tell others what we need in order to come back into balance it’s important to focus on kindness. Everyone is going through changes, but the point is not to do everything alone. We need community now more than ever. The trick is that the social order is shifting too. Gently uncovering our new selves and honoring changes in the people we love is crucial. This is not a time of burning bridges. This is a time of reinforcing and supporting each other with love, honesty and awareness. Life is not all sunshine and roses, and this is a time of making some serious adjustments. Be honest and kind, ask for help and be true to yourself, no matter how uncomfortable it is in the moment. 

Bring your life into Balance! 

Blessed Be!


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  1. Same here, I am so happy to hear that this is really what is meant to be happening. And it gives more reasons for people to attend yoga classes like the self emotional care on that I’m starting in two weeks 🙂

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