Full Moon in Pisces!!!

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This month the Full Moon lands in Pisces, exact tonight Monday September 8th at 6:38 pm PDT (1:38 am Sept. 9th GMT). This Summer brought us through a phase of accepting radical Truth and shifting our lives to support growth. As we feel Autumn peeking at us around the corner we take this moment to honor that which is falling away. All of humanity needs healing, Pisces gives our hearts space to feel to guide our changes. This Pisces Full Moon shines her light on what we need to let go of to keep our hearts happy. This Moon invites us in with love and kindness to explore our emotions, focus on healing and transmute those difficult emotional spaces into wisdom, love and compassion.

Pisces Full Moon gives us permission to feel. With the Virgo Sun at our backs we are able to actually analyze those feelings and how they affect our reality. A week from now on Sept 13th Mars moves into Sagittarius, pushing us to expand an explore. It is crucial that we be completely honest with ourselves right now about what makes us happy. The Pisces Full Moon tonight is the perfect opportunity to make space for the upcoming explorations by letting things go that don’t serve us anymore.

Our hearts are shifting deeply. We are learning to love at a bigger, higher level in a deeper more connected way. Before we can embrace new love we must acknowledge past pain. Grief and suffering are vital to our survival, they show us the places we are no longer living our Truth. We must feel those completely. Only once we know how big those feelings are can we begin to heal.  The deeper our grief, the more we grow, and the brighter joy shines. Let the Pisces Full Moon hold your heart as you let go and feel your changes.

Let Go and Heal.

Blessed Be.  


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