New Moon in Virgo!!!

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This month the New Moon lands in Virgo, exact at 7:13 am PDT (2:13 pm GMT) on Monday August 25th. Virgo New Moon gives us a whole new perspective on our situation. We only take in as much information as we can understand at a given moment. This Moon doesn’t give us new information, it gives us a fresh start. If life is a Japanese rock garden, this is our chance to take out all the rocks, shake out all the designs and imperfections in the sand and create a brand new design. The pieces are all the same, but from our new vantage point we will build something completely different. 

The New Moon peaks in the middle of a cascade of inner planets moving into Virgo. Mercury moved into Virgo on August 16th, changing our communication to focus on analysis and practicality. Ideals become desires and start to drive our hearts when Venus joins the Virgo scene on Sept 6th. This intense Moon right in the middle of  a larger Virgo phase gives us the agency and practicality to do what we know is in our best interest. 

The trick to this New Moon is communication. The practical changes needed to create longer lasting personal stability affect more than just yourself. It’s ok to change more than once over a short period of time, we have to really try on each idea to see if it fits, just make sure that to keep everyone in the loop. Above all else you must be true to yourself. As soon as your realize what your heart really wants, what you really want for your future, honor it and tell the people you love. 

Start Fresh! Be True to You! 

Blessed Be! 


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