Full Moon in Aquarius!!!



This month the Full Moon lands in Aquarius, blowing our minds and expanding our ideas out to the grandest proportions as we expose our dreams! The Full Moon is exact on Sunday August 10th at 11:09am PDT (6:09pm GMT). Aquarius is the fixed air of the zodiac; the steady gust, the persistent breeze, the communication that just won’t stop, the sustainable ideas, the change that drives people to action. With the Sun in Leo we’ve been experimenting with personas and presentations, trying out new looks and endeavors, and as we grow closer to this Full Moon in Aquarius we feel which changes we’ll be keeping, and which ones will go by the wayside.

This Moon sets the stage for a 3 days stint of Leo super power as Venus joins Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun in Leo on August 13th. For all those leonine inclined this is the moment to show people what you want. The more you express your desires the more they will be met. For other signs, keep in mind that your Sun, Moon and Rising are just part of the picture. Watch your actions and the actions of others. Dramatic moments are exposing deeper motivations. Listen and learn, and then ask for what you want. Aquarius Full Moon boosts our ability to cut to the heart of any issue; direct communication leaves no question for misinterpretation.

On August 16th we start the gradual slide into Virgo drive as Mercury leaves Leo for a Virgo tour. After an intense push trying on different ideals we find our sustainable goals under the Aquarius Full Moon on August 10th. Then we get a few days to express our new needs clearly and directly. When the 16th rolls around communications focus on the practical. We know what the big picture is, and who is willing to help us get there, now it’s time to roll out the drawing board and make some plans that will actually get us were we’re going!

Transform Desire into Sustainable Ideals!

Blessed Be!


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