New Moon in Leo and Leo Galore!!!

Leo Summer 2014 crop

On the heels of Jupiter moving into larger than life Leo the New Moon brings us in for a fresh look at what Leo has to offer. The New Moon is exact on Saturday July 26th at 3:42 pm Pacific Time, 10:42 GMT. New Moon in Leo brings out the performer in all of us, but it also brings out the drama queen. This is a great time to experiment with new looks and personas. That being said, don’t take things said now too seriously unless it matches a longer term trend. This Moon highlights the places where our talk has gotten too big for our walk, and the places where we aren’t showing people how hard we’re working. It’s time to look closely at how you give and to who. Make sure those gifts are being appropriately received and reciprocated. Relationships aren’t always a perfect balance, but it shouldn’t be a one sided experience. 

The New Moon is the second major Leo event this summer. First Jupiter moved into Leo, shifting opportunities from heart centered, sweet, Cancer Love to expanding our message and creative expression. The New Moon gives us a chance to revamp that message before August 1st when Mercury joins the Leo parade. Mercury in Leo is a little dangerous, on the one hand you can get your message out to more people than ever before, on the other hand it allows for over dramatization. Mars moves into Scorpio, opposite all this Leo action, so if you’re not sure, check and make sure your heart is really in it before you over react, give your all or make promises. The shadow side of Leo promises too much or gifts inappropriately. Mars in Scorpio is our saving grace. If you’re not emotionally invested in the outcome, let it go and let someone else do the work. Let your heart drive. Give your all to Love!

Try a New You! Grow Creative Love!

Blessed Be! 



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  1. Boy am I on track with this one! I am so not emotionally invested in the outcome, let it go and let someone else do the work. My new lover became so shifty, creepy for a Scorpio man. Dishing out lots of emotional manipulation,. Fizzled before it got started and makes me a little sad but was wearing me out. Back on track with real estate school (another psychic again said to go for it and the thought of working for someone is just too painful) after an overnighter to the beach to clear my head and my crystals. Shortest romance on record in a while! Barely got started and the games began


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