Full Moon in Capricorn and Jupiter in Leo!!!

full moon and leo jupiter

This month the Full Moon is in Capricorn, the bedrock, the first paycheck, the designer of the zodiac! The Full Moon is exact on Saturday July 12th at 4:25am PDT (11:25am GMT). Capricorn brings a sense of promise and practicality to the Full Moon. The real physical pieces matter and now they are on display. Routines, finances, house and home and core relationships are just some of the places that massive change has taken place over the last few months. We need to honor those changes and allow our hearts to heal after being broken wide open. We’ve stepped into the abyss but the emptiness creates inspiration. It holds all the possibilities in the world. 

Shortly after our beautiful renewing Full Moon, on Wednesday July 16th, Jupiter moves into Leo for a year transit. Jupiter in Leo will shift our opportunities away from the emotional and into the creative. Leo blows everything out to ridiculous proportions and Jupiter rules exploration and growth. What you present to the world now is everything. Take that wild idea and run as far and wide as you can with it! Get up on your soap box and preach your Truth to the world! Do whatever it is that inspires you and do it BIG. 

When we lay these two events right next to each other this weekend looks like gathering resources for a new phase. We haven’t really started building yet, but it’s not time. First we need to collect, to gather our love, and our time, and our money and get ready to invest it. Capricorn Full Moon asks us what are we ready to start, and Jupiter in Leo gives us the opportunity to do it!

Present Your Inspiration!

Blessed Be! 



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