New Moon in Cancer!!!

cancer full moon heart

This month the New Moon is in Cancer, the fresh water spring, the purest love, the clinging, the nurturer of the zodiac! The New Moon is exact at 1:08 am PDT on Friday June 27th (8:08am GMT).  The New Moon reflecting the sun in Cancer brings out the places in our life where we need a fresh start. Our instinct under this moon is to stay protected and keep our hearts safe, but if that means clinging to a way that is no longer healthy, it’s time to let go. This is the ideal time to try something new that makes your heart sing.

Start with what you love and what you fear. Those are the purest emotions. We have the opportunity now to rearrange our hearts and our relationships to set us up for growth and exploration. Rather than trying to define or fix things, allow the mystery to settle in. Notice what you don’t know. A stable building cycle will begin soon and we’ve just been given a clean slate. The tensions of the last few months have released considerably, but before we can build we must experience the void. Fill it with Love. Don’t worry about the practicals of the Plan. Let the mystery become you and allow the emptiness to give your heart room to imagine the greatest things that could be. 

Let Your Heart Love the Mystery!

Blessed Be!


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