Full Moon in Sagittarius and Summer Solstice!

This month the Full Moon shines in Sagittarius, opening our hearts for exploration and transformation. The Full Moon is exact on Thursday June 12th at 9:11pm PDT or Friday June 13th at 4:11 GMT. The Full Moon in Sagittarius pushes us to expand our minds, to look beyond our comfort zone for what we really want and say yes with gusto! We’ve come through a cycle of extreme change, deeply shifting, opening and removing blockages. The next step is to show each other how hard we’ve been working. Now that some of the tension has eased we can start to build towards our dreams together. 

This full moon gives our hearts permission to believe in our dreams. Without a dream, a goal, an inspiration, life becomes a meaningless stream of random interactions. This full moon incites our will to explore. There is something bigger and better out there, even if we can’t define it, and we need to go looking for it. Mercury has been retrograde for about a week, and the retrograde will last until July 1st, giving our communications an extra dose of misfires and disconnects. Neptune has also just gone retrograde adding a level of mystery to the retrograde action. It’s hard to say why things went backwards, but if you embrace the change in the moment you may wind up where you were trying to go. 

Summer Solstice lands in the middle of all the retrograde action on June 21st. The Solstice gives us the perfect advice for how to walk through this time with grace. Rather than trying to explain ourselves over and over we need to show and do what we mean. Actions speak louder and clearer than words right now. Look closely at the people in your life and the situations you regularly encounter. How do you react to them? Are you showing how you feel or hiding behind words and masks? It’s time to push the boundaries of our comfort zone again, and the first place to start is by being radically true to ourselves in each moment as it arises. We must also hold deep compassion for others as they do the same. Don’t take it personally, we’re all just trying to become ourselves. If we show up to the adventure of life with trust and honesty we just might achieve our dreams!

 Trust, Explore and Show your Love! 

Blessed Be! 


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