Full Moon in Scorpio

scorpio full moon temple small

This months full moon is in Scorpio, exact on Wednesday May 14th at 12:16pm (7:16pm GMT). Scorpio brings us to the depths of our emotional body to see the Truth in our heart without distraction. We’re coming into this moon in need of drastic change. The tensions of the last few months are subsiding but it’s not always a graceful process. Mini explosions in relationships and stress highlight areas of dysfunction and imbalance. The desire for finality, completion and change is pushing us to our limits. We can no longer deny the emotional waters we live in. This moon brings us to the edge of our being and invites us to look into the deeper mystery swirling beyond the mists of our fears. What we see there may surprise us. Beauty and Truth are terrifying when we realize how far we’ve gotten from living those ideals.

Start with compassion for yourself. Look your fears in the eye. Don’t let the beast be mysterious. Open the cage, let it rage, then offer it treats and see if you can’t make peace. Give your inner monster some love. We can no longer allow ourselves to cordon off the parts of our being we don’t like. This is a moment of radical acceptance. Accepting ourselves is the first step. From there we can look at our current situation. The relationships, ideas, beliefs and routines that form the foundation of our daily life need to be checked to make sure they are bringing us closer to the life we want to live. 

The Scorpio Full Moon is the biggest emotional container we can ask for. We have as much room as we need to feel as deeply as we can possibly feel and come out charged and ready for change. Scorpio Moon reflecting the Taurus Sun we see how we can change our relationship to stability, resources, money and growth to bring emotional harmony back into our present reality. What can you change tomorrow to live a little better? What can you change in the next week to bring yourself more peace? What can you change in the next year that will set you up for happiness for the next 10 years? Listen to your heart and let it change your world. 

Love Conquers All.

Blessed Be!


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