New Moon in Taurus and Solar Eclipse!

taurusmoon eclipse

This months new moon is in Taurus, the bull, the collector, the grower, the builder of the zodiac. The new moon is exact at 11:14pm PDT Monday April 28th (6:14am GMT May 29th). Right on top of our new moon we will experience an annular solar eclipse. Astronomically, annular solar eclipses bring the moon in front of the sun while the moon is smaller from our perspective, giving it a ring of light. This one is visible from Australia and Antarctica. Astrologically, solar eclipses give us a chance to check our egos at the door and understand our reality without the mind getting in the way.  With a Taurus new moon as the agent of our eclipse we can expect to get a deep emotional look at the structures and obstacles of life. 

Emotional structures are more than just the house we live in, the hours we work, the money we make. Emotional structures are also core relationships, daily, weekly, and monthly routines, ideas of self, and beliefs about reality. How we feel about our world is driven by how we perceive it.  How we perceive our reality is connected to our ideas and beliefs about it. There are moments when stories and beliefs we built to protect ourselves are no longer doing their job. Under this eclipse those places will become very clear. With the ring of light of the Taurus sun pointing out the dark places in our hearts we can see the things that need to change to support our emotional growth. 

This eclipse comes after the deepest tension of the Grand Cardinal cross has passed. The tension built to it’s climax over the weekend and is starting to subside. We still have another week to go before forward momentum gains speed. Under this new moon and eclipse we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and set our bodies in motion towards it. Taurus moon guides us to be practical and concrete and the eclipse highlights the heart of the changes taking place. We have no choice but to be brutally honest with ourselves now. Brutal honesty requires deep compassion for self and others. If we can be gentle but honest we can make change for the better without breaking hearts in the process.  

Let go the mind and be kind! 

Be Well!


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