Full Moon in Libra and Total Lunar Eclipse

grand cardinal cross eclipseThis month the full moon is in Libra, exact on April 15th at 12:42 am PDT (7:42 am GMT). Right on top of this beacon of balance is a total lunar eclipse exact just 5 minutes later. The eclipse is visible from Australia, the Americas and the Pacific Ocean between them. If you are awake, take a moment and look at the moon on Tuesday at 1 in the morning! The full moon in Libra shines the light of balance and harmony on our relationships during this time of extreme change and self development. The eclipse gives us a direct view of the depths of metamorphosis taking place. This cosmic combo opens a window to our true nature and let’s us make changes without judgment. 

The Grand Cardinal Cross is in full swing now, the structures of life are shifting and we’re along for the ride. Libra inspires us during the full moon eclipse, giving us achievable goals and pushing us to compromise and work together through the beginning of this transformation. This is a moment to let ego completely drop. What do you want more than anything? What if you didn’t? During an eclipse the world stands still. The energy built up in our intentions resonates through the stillness touching the heart of our being. The revelations and conclusions we draw now propel us forward to the new moon and solar eclipse at the end of the month. 

We need to keep self compassion, compromise and gratitude at the ready as tools to aid our transformation. There are always ideas and beliefs we hold that keep us from becoming our best, most amazing, inspired self. This eclipse is a perfect moment to love yourself and let them go. If we are willing to change our beliefs and relationships at the foundation we can take strides now to grow into who we really want to be. The Grand Cardinal Cross is an obstacle if we see it that way, but it is also a perfect opportunity to tear apart reality and build our dreams instead. 

Look Into Your Heart, Love Yourself, Change Radically!

Blessed Be!


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