New Moon in Aries and Grand Cardinal Cross

grand cardinal cross aries moon

This months new moon is in Aries, exact at 11:45am PDT (6:45pm GMT) on Sunday March 30th. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac and the new moon is the beginning of the moon cycle. Right on the heels of the beginning of Spring, we get an exciting boost of inspiration! This new moon is a clean slate. With an influx of amazing new ideas, and the old plan no longer makes sense. New directions are opening up and new opportunities are presenting themselves. We’ve identified some new roles in our lives and new people are showing up to fill them. 

The Grand Cardinal Cross is about to begin. From April 10th to May 6th monumental changes are taking place. As we grow towards the full moon and total eclipse in Libra on the 15th we can feel the tension and complexity building. There are four major players in this Grand Cardinal Cross. Jupiter in Cancer opens the door to exploration and expansion if we follow our hearts. Uranus in Aries inspires us to revolutionize our idea of independence and leverage new technology to our advantage. Pluto in Capricorn forces our changes to go deep; the fundamentals, the foundation, the structures, the core relationships, the bedrock of our existence is dying, preparing the way for a beautiful rebirth. Finally, Mars in Libra drives us to be diplomatic in the moment. Here’s how to survive this: Follow your heart, tell everyone all the time, let go of old structures and pursue an exciting new ideal. The less we try to cling to outcomes, the more graceful we are in the moment.

The new moon in Aries gives us a perfect preparatory moment for the Grand Cardinal Cross. In the darkness of the new moon the spark of inspiration feels like a bonfire. This weekend it’s time to shed old skins, clear out the closet, and dive into the mess. The deeper into the darkness we go, the more clearly we can see what our heart wants. Don’t be afraid of the skeletons in your closet, bring them along as guides and go through the back of the closet wall. Find your place of stillness, quiet, and calm, and bring your matchbox of inspiration with you. The calmer you can be as you face your fears, the more prepared you’ll be to act on the inspiration you find there. 

Dive into mystery, and let your heart be inspired. 

Blessed Be. 

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