Full Moon in Virgo!

Virgo moon 2

This months full moon is in Virgo, exact on Sunday March 16th at 10:08am PDT (5:08pm GMT). This diamond full moon reflects the healing Pisces sun, and refracts it into a spectrum of ways that we are not living our dreams. We’re making changes now, and those changes are finally taking effect. We’ve had a sneaking suspicion in the back of our mind that something isn’t right, though. Under the bright light of this Virgo full moon we can see all the details clearly. 

The trick to using this moon to your advantage is getting the big picture solid in your mind first. Jupiter left it’s retrograde for direct transit on March 6th, making our hearts the compass again. If you know your hearts desires, looking at the details of what in your life supports those goals and what doesn’t will be fruitful. Without that bigger loving light picture in place, the details can be confusion.

The next trick under a Virgo moon is to go easy on yourself. Once you feel your hearts desire and look at the details, you may find that your life is still in need of some serious changes. Seeing the places where change is needed and taking action are two different phases. Make a list of things you’d like to change in your life under this moon, while the details are so clear.  April will bring changing energy that facilitates action, but we’re not there yet. Cultivate stillness. Allow the knowledge of what you want to change to be enough for now. Let the Universe hear your intentions loud and clear, and give it a month to create some opportunities.

Plan for Your Hearts Desire!

Blessed Be! 


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