New Moon in Pisces!!!

pisces moon swimming

This months new moon is in Pisces, exact at 11:59pm PST on Friday Feb 28th (GMT 7:59am March 1). Pisces is the healer of the zodiac this year. Pisces New Moon reminds us gently that change is natural. This moon is a springboard. We’ve been building up healing energy, and we’ve reached a release point. February forced us to review our lives with attention to communication. The healing processes we’ve begun are coming to the surface with opportunities to talk about the changes. 

Going with the flow is not always easy. Before we can spring into action and share our hearts we need to go deep. This is a moment to look at the core of what drives us. What do we need to be healthy? Those needs are changing, but sometimes we’re not sure what the next steps are. When the paradigm shifts, so must the structures.  This new moon is deep counsel. Talk to the people you trust the most, the people who know you best.  Reach out to your guides and mentors.  A single word in the depth of our change can create a ripple that lasts a lifetime. 

Create a New Flow!

Blessed Be.


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