Full Moon in Leo and Valentine’s Day!

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This month the full moon is in Leo, the continuous light and warmth, the bonfire, the Sun of the zodiac.  The full moon is exact at 3:53 pm PST (11:53 pm GMT) on Friday the 14th.  With the bright bold ideas of Aquarius reflected back in the full moon of Leo the emotional ramifications of the changes we’re making are put on display.  This is the time for dramatic overtures.  We want change now like never before, and it’s time to show what that means. We have to be careful to show our emotions with the deep love and dramatic flair of the Leo moon. We are all more susceptible to over-sharing right now, but that’s not always a bad thing.  This is a perfect time to express the depth of our emotions, we just need to be aware that others may not share our enthusiasm.

If this Friday is the delivery room, next week is the first breath. We open our hearts and our mouths and receive. We have become something different than we even thought was possible, and now the world is opening to us.  The next few months will guide us through making the changes we need to make in order to build a safe place for this pure inspiration to blossom into a beautiful flower the produces love and fills our lives with meaning.  Leo full moon reflecting Aquarius sun invites us to explore the biggest boldest ideas of Truth and put them on display. The Universe will catch us if we fall, so we may as well fall in Love. 

Wear Your Heart and Your Truth on Your Sleeve! 

Love Conquers All!

Blessed Be! 


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