Full Moon in Cancer!

Cancer Cave Light

This months full moon is in Cancer, the safe harbor, the pure emotion, the fresh water spring of the zodiac. The full moon is  exact at 8:52pm PST on Wed Jan 15th, 3:52am on Jan 16th GMT. This months full moon is all about our need to be seen and heard.  With Venus in retrograde for the past month we’re re-evaluating what we really want in life. Mercury has just shifted into Aquarius so it’s easier to talk about this process than it was last month, but we’re still very attached to our ideas. Try not to get restless, but to keep a calm steady approach.  The more room we can make for safety and trust in the next two weeks, the more confident we’ll be when we’re ready to come out and play. 

Our new ideas of self are just barely formed.  Now is not the time to put them to the test.  Now is the time to carry them close to our hearts, and share them with people we know we can trust.  Judgment will only fan the flames of disaster during this time.  Experimental desire and communication is the key to getting through these next couple of weeks. If you’re drawn to trying something new and different get out there and go for it, especially if it makes you feel more desirable.  Likewise, when you know you have to talk to someone who might not take your idea well, try an innovative approach.  If you find yourself so attached to your idea that the idea of laughing about it makes you cry, it probably needs some more time to incubate before you share it with others. Sit on your little idea eggs and let them hatch when they’re really ready! 

Go to your safe place and your ideas grow!

Blessed Be! 


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