Gemini Full Moon and Winter Solstice

solstice gemini moon

This month the full moon is in Gemini, exact on Dec. 17th, at 1:28am PST (9:28am GMT). Gemini is the communications specialist of the zodiac.  Gathering ideas and information, looking at problems from all angles, and facilitating communication across groups are at the forefront during this Gemini lunar phase.  The full moon blazes like a beacon through the long nights, and we find ourselves exploring different perspectives.  This is a great time to hash out ideas and talk about the hard facts of what we want to achieve. Gemini favors a direct approach to life’s difficult situations. Despite the long dark nights, we are encouraged to look at the details of what it takes to achieve our dreams.

Winter solstice is a time of reflection. Knowing what you want is the first step to getting it. The beginning of 2014 will send us off building new dreams and laying foundations.  We have a beautiful moment under this moon and before the solstice on the 21st to gather some information and learn about our major obstacles before we lock in plans to overcome them. Knowing your strengths and admitting your weaknesses is an important step towards happiness. 

2014 promises more magical transformation.  We are at the half way point of a global paradigm shift. Our lives will continue to grow and change through the next two years. Creating space for transformation and growth is key to happiness during this transitional time. As we build towards the next big idea we are reminded to hold compassion and kindness deep in our hearts. The darkness and mysteries of life are exciting and we are all in this together.

Reflect, Redirect, Transform!  

Blessed Be!


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