New Moon in Sagittarius!

sagittarius moon

This months new moon is in Sagittarius.  Exact at 4:22pm PST on Monday Dec 2nd.  As we pass through this new moon we feel the shifting of things around us.  Everything is up in the air. Sagittarius reminds us to get real with our ideals. What we need now is no less than divine inspiration. This is the time to listen to your heart and your guides.  Let go of the practical reality of life for a moment and really look at your hearts desires. Practical matters will be easier to discus towards the end of the month.  For now inspiration is enough, let your heart run wild! 

As we meander into the middle of the month we find the words to express our Truth. As we gather more in groups and head towards the holidays let the little things slide, and keep the conversation future oriented. This is not a great time for drudging up the past.  Dreaming big is the order of the day!  The 15th of the month marks a window of opportunity for forward motion that last for about 3 days. Make the most of the opportunities that come your way. It’s time to create space in our lives for what we really want. Talking about our dreams makes them more real.  Let the light of your inspired heart shine out into the world! 

Get Inspired!  Dream Big! 

Blessed Be!


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