Full Moon in Taurus!!!

Full Moon in Taurus!!!

This months full moon is in Taurus, the hearth and home, the stubborn bull, the mountain of the zodiac.  The moon is fullest on Sunday the 17th  at 7:16am PST (2:17pm GMT). This full moon comes on the heels of a quadruple retrograde which has pulled out our true heats desires and made it very hard to do anything other than what we love.  As the full moon in Taurus shines over us we can see the practical path forwards towards building our dreams.  

Taurus is a building sign.  Now is the time for practical discussion.  It’s very important that we keep our emotions in check regardless how powerful the motivation to follow our passions is. Passionate and creative discussion is important right now, but it’s equally important to blow off the emotional steam before we approach discussions that could become heated.  Some slight course correction is in order, but there’s no need to burn bridges. You may find that if you keep your cool the other parties involved will open up and together you can discover a solution that fits everyone’s needs. 

Course Correction is a Kind but Honest Word Away!

Blessed Be!

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  1. Right on. Feeling empowered to head into some fragile conversations after processing my own emotions around the subject already. I’m in a much better space to listen since I’m aware of my own triggers. Thanks full moon in Taurus. 🙂

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