New Moon in Scorpio, Solar Eclipse and All Hallows Eve

halloween scorpio moon

This months new moon is in Scorpio, the ocean, the deepest darkest of mystery, newest at 4:50am PST (11:50am GMT), just three minutes after the solar eclipse. This new moon also marks Lunar Samhain just a few days after Halloween and one day after Day of the Dead.  The new moon in Scorpio coupled with the solar eclipse gives us a sweet pause in the dark to let our eyes adjust. We have a perfect moment to see into the dark corners of our soul without ego and masks in the way.  This eclipse offers a glimpse of our true nature, our higher purpose, our monster in the closet, the immense beauty of our inner mystery. 

Mercury and Neptune retrogrades end shortly after the new moon, so this is a great time to think about what we need to heal our lives. It’s time to address the things that are making us physically sick, sick at heart, sick to the soul.  The time is at hand to make a plan to get healthy.  This is not a time to shrink from problems, this is a time to look them in the eye so that we can deal with them directly. 

This is not a time for snap decisions, or quick steps.  This is a time to let the mystery sink in around you until it feels natural. Sit calmly and gently in the dark, in trust, until our eyes adjust.  Shortly after the new moon Jupiter turns retrograde, so opportunities may present themselves in a backwards fashion, and we tend to want to explore the depths of our hearts and souls, rather than expand and reach out. Use this is a contemplative time to be still and really see what’s going on around you. 

Let the Mystery sink in! 

Blessed Be!


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