Full Moon in Aries and Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon in Aries and Lunar Eclipse!!!

This months full moon is in Aries, the fire starter, the spark, the big bang of the zodiac. This fiery full moon is exact on Friday the 18th at 4:38 pm Pacific,  (11:38 pm GMT) coupled with a penumbral lunar eclipse reaching it’s apex just minutes later. Eclipses are like reset buttons from the stars, and a penumbral eclipse works on our periphery, the extremities, and the edges in our lives. This is a time when the lines in our lives get redrawn. Our ideas of what is extreme and what is connected are getting reset. Our passion for life is reignited, and as the edges become clear again we can decide what lines are worth crossing, reinforcing, and weaving together. 

The Aries full moon is a time of rejuvenation, fresh starts and excitement.  We find the energy to pursue creative efforts, work together, and jump when the moment is right.  We may find that our passions in life have shifted, that we have a spark for something new and exciting. Even with all this bright new energy of the full moon, the eclipse on puts our limits on display.  Where is our comfort zone? What have we always thought was crazy, but now think is worth a try?  Maybe just once? What can we do now that we could never do before?  What do we need to feel safe as we test our limits?  These are the questions that will drop answers in our laps as the spark of creativity dances brighter inside us. 

Dare to be Amazing!!!

Blessed Be! 

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