New Moon in Libra!!!

New Moon in Libra!!!

This month’s new moon is in Libra, the cool breeze, the gentle penetrating wind, the breath of fresh air of the zodiac.  The new moon is exact at 5:34pm on Friday , October 4th PST, or 12:34am the 5th GMT.  The new moon in Libra heralds a time of shifting balance. The dark of the moon is coupled with Mercury communications, Venus desires, Saturn discipline, and Chiron wounded healer in Scorpio. This makes for a moment where our needs for balance are shifting in some extreme ways.  

The new moon has us reflecting on the deep waters that make up our core beliefs and our primary emotional reactions.  We can see how deep our own rabbit hole goes, and with any luck at all, can come out the other side with a clearer imagination of how great the future can be.  This is a time to closely examine our assumptions.  What do we take for granted?  What beliefs do we have that no longer serve us, that hold us back from joy and expression?  What are our deepest fears?  

Big questions are bubbling up to the surface and now we must find a new way to come back to balance.  Maybe we don’t want what we thought we wanted.  Maybe what we want is not what other people want us to want. Maybe that’s ok. Maybe we’re assuming opinions out of fear and forgetting to ask directly. Libra inspires us to reflection, but also diplomacy. If our new Truth feels precious and fragile we should treat it as such, but still share it with those who care. This is a great time for releasing old destructive emotional patterns and bad habits, especially those around seclusion, isolation, and loneliness. May your fear wane with the shortening days, and the return to stillness bring peace. 

Reflect, release, and return to Balance!

Blessed Be!

Libra Reflect Moon



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