Full Moon in Pisces and Fall Equinox!!!

Full Moon in Pisces and Fall Equinox!

The full moon this month is in Pisces; the wash cycle, the cleansing rain, the steam release, the transformational waters of the zodiac.  The full moon is exact on Thursday the 19th at 4:13am PST (11:13am GMT).  A mere 3 days later the Fall Equinox hits on Sunday the 22nd, along with a shift of the sun into Libra.  All of this makes for a focus on sustainable balance in our lives.  Pluto also goes direct on the 20th, so as we become aware of what we need to stay balanced, we are able to make some drastic shifts towards equilibrium. 

This is a time of harvest.  A time where plans we made to help us get our balance again are coming to fruition.  As Pisces full moon reflects back the ending of our need for perfection and the beginning of our awareness of interpersonal balance we shift our lives more towards group settings.  We need to connect with people who make us feel healthy, who don’t push our limits.  This is not a time for stretching the comfort zone.  We’ve been stretching and pushing our limits all through August and early September. As we head towards October our focus is on comfort, gentleness, kindness to ourselves and others.  With the Pisces moon riding over Pluto as it goes direct we are able to let go of people and situations that no longer serve our happiness. We will be welcoming in energies that make us feel stable and comfortable.  

It’s time to join with our comrades in spirit, keep trucking steady and slow towards our goals, and be humble as the payoffs start to roll in. Pisces and Libra and the spirit of Equinox are not about rushing or charging ahead, but about witnessing the gentle unfolding of life.  Allowing life to change us as we grow, steady and slow. Small changes are actually harder to maintain than big ones, but impact our lives more over time.  This full moon is a good time to gather with friends, and talk about the little things you’d like to do differently.  Put those changes in motion and take baby steps towards them each day. 

Reap the rewards of steady effort!

Blessed Be!

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  1. Thank you, this is perfect encouragement for how I am feeling, and for helping me make decisions on activities–I was wondering why community gatherings make me so deliciously happy! Yay!

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