New Moon in Virgo!!!

New Moon in Virgo!

This months new moon is in Virgo; the analyzer, the perfectionist, the diamond of the Zodiac. The new moon is exact on Sept 5th at 4:36am PST (11:36am GMT). This Virgo new moon brings us to a point where we can analyze the systems in our lives.  We can see the points where we need more support, and the parts that are holding us back because they’re overly built.  Virgo strives for perfection.  In the dark of the new moon our ideals crystalize and we see our dreams reflected in the facets.  This moon heralds a shift in our structures towards a more supported life.  For some of us that means gathering resources, for some of us that means networking and exploring new avenues for expression, for some of us that means the freedom of a solid routine.  Whatever you need more of, it’s time to build it into your life as a regular practice.

Virgo reminds us to keep our experiences pure.  This is not a moment to waffle or dabble.  If you’re going for it, give it your all, and go for the gusto.  Show up with your whole self and be open to what you receive. By the 10th of Sept. we’ll be more focused on balance and diplomacy as Libra takes a stronger role in the inner planets and social functions take precedence. We’re still riding a Mars in Leo transit that makes us quick to act, and good with follow through.  This Virgo New Moon requests that we take the time to think things through carefully before we leap and shout. Our actions now must be aligned with our ideals.  It’s time to get the microscope out and organize our structure so it supports our dreams! 

Be true, be thoughtful, be real, but dream big! 

Blessed Be!

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