Full Moon in Aquarius!!!

Full Moon in Aquarius!!!

This months full moon is in Aquarius, the continuous air, the gust of revolution, the gale force of innovation. The full moon will be exact on Tuesday August 20th at 6:45 pm PST. Aquarius is the revolutionary of the zodiac, and this year is double charged with Aquarius full moon goodness. This is the second full moon in Aquarius and it will blast us off in a brand new direction for the second half of this year.

Some of us walk into this full moon feeling mildly uncertain of ourselves, feeling like we knew exactly what we wanted, needed, and now we’re not so sure. We’ve caught a glimpse of a better way to go. We’ve been working steadily on our plan since February, a plan inspired by our need to overcome our emotional barriers to happiness. As this moon steers into it’s full reflective power we are re-thinking our approach, our execution, our follow through. There is something at the very center of this plan that needs a reworking.  A new set of choices is becoming available as a result of our hard work. 

We cannot rush this moment. By the end of this month a whole new way will be open to us. Rushing into action before these options present themselves clearly will just force us to backtrack later. Now we wait. Patience is one of the hardest things to master.  Especially when it feels like we’re so close to that vital rebirth, that magical coming together moment.  In this waiting time power for transformation grows.  We have to try not to relax into our bad habits.  We must be patient and excited, but aware that our thoughts are a part of our personal power.  Rebirth is right around the corner. Stay focused! Aim for the stars and get ready to blast off!

Ready…. Steady…. TRANSFORM!

Blessed Be!

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