New Moon in Leo!!!

New Moon in Leo!!!

This months new moon is exact at 2:51pm PST on Tuesday, August 6th.  This new moon is in Leo, the fixed fire of the zodiac, the bonfire, the forest fire, the sun.  Leo is the strongest destructive force and the strongest creative force, as long it’s not just for show. This next two weeks gives us a moment to reinvent the way we display our creativity and our passion.  Uranus compliments the Leo sun and moon, pushing us to revolutionize our creative self, inside and out.  Right now we need to act in our highest creative interest, but express it in a completely new way. 

Mercury will be hitting a complimentary aspect to help us communicate our revolutionary ideas on Thursday.  Think about what you’d like to say, or how or where you’d like to say it, and then go for it with gusto after Thursday.  Jupiter joins in the fun then too, so if we choose wisely, opportunities for expansion and advancement will be set in motion. Revamping an old idea in a wild new way, or boldly embracing a new idea are on the table for discussion.  Find your forum and your passion and let the ideas play! 

Creative Expression Revolution!

Blessed Be!

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