Full Moon in Aquarius!!!

Full Moon in Aquarius!!!

This months full moon is in Aquarius, the continuous aspect of Air in the zodiac. Aquarius is that big idea that you just can’t shake.  The one that keeps calling you back to action. Todays full moon is exact at 11:15am July 22nd. This moon reflects the first day of Sun in Leo as well, pushing us to show our ideas, and explore them openly.  Mercury is now past it’s retrograde, making communication and connection easier and more productive.  

We’re past the rough beginning to this new phase of expansion and growth.  Our ideas and ambitions now can take root, but still we must sow our seeds wide and evenly.  Share your ideas with as many people as you can.  A critical Virgo aspect will push our interlocutors to ask practical questions, so this is a great time to look at all the little ways big changes affect our lives.  The steps we need to take become clear as we share our inspirations. Find a listening ear or four and ask the Universe for more!

Share your inspiration! 

Blessed Be! 


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