Full Moon in Capricorn and Moon Perigee!!!

Full Moon in Capricorn and Moon Perigee!!!

This months full moon is in Capricorn, the bedrock of the zodiac. This full moon shines on us the reflection of the Summer Solstice on Friday.  This is also the closest the moon will be to the earth this year. These factors combined throw our existing structures into stark relief.  Right now we can see the walls and limitations we’ve built for ourselves with exceptional clarity.  The moon reflecting the full power of the sun so close to Earth shines light on the foundations we’ve built our lives on.  We can see our assumptions, we can see the solid ground we take for granted, and we can see where our support structures are becoming obstacles. 

Now it is time to give thanks for the structures that enabled us to get to this point, and then be willing to break them down in order to rebuild.  We know what we want.  We must follow the blue print of our ideals and set up our lives to allow us to follow our Path to happiness, abundance, and positive change. We cannot be afraid of change now. Before every great monument is built the ground must be ready and the foundation must be sound. Let us build our lives as a monument to our dreams.  Don’t lose heart my fellow co-creators!  Make plans! 

Rebuild life on the foundation of our dreams! 

Blessed Be!

capricorn moon in purple sky


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