New Moon in Gemini and Grand Water Trine!!!

New Moon in Gemini and Grand Water Trine!!!

This months new moon is in Gemini. the communicator of the Zodiac, the twins.  Gemini is the mutable or changing aspect of air which  represents imagination, intellect, and communication.  Gemini sees both sides to every situation, plays devils advocate when we need it, and allows us to pursue and entertain multiple ideas of the self at once.  The new moon in Gemini gives us a sweet release point.  Allowing us to let go of outmoded, restricting, or hurtful ideas of the self, our immediate surroundings, and the world at large. 

This new moon is sandwiched by a Grand Water Trine.  What is a Grand Water Trine, you say?  It’s when three planets form a perfect triangle over the three water signs of the Zodiac.  This water trine is Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces.  Venus in Cancer revives our desire for love and kindness, it brings the walls around our heart into stark relief, pushing us to arrange our situation in life so that those walls can come down.  Saturn in Scorpio provides  structure and routine in our spirituality and our rituals of love, read more HERE. Neptune, exalted in Pisces, rains down gentle healing energy creating an altered reality to allow for our hearts to heal.  

The combined effect of the Grand Water Trine and the New Moon in Gemini is recognition of what we need for love to manifest in our life.  It gives us the open mind to let go of ideas, situations, and even people that are holding us back from love.  What do you need to feel love every day?  What do you need to feel connected to the Universe and the beautiful people in it?  What situations and ideas are holding you back from love?  Now is the time to release those obstacles, immerse yourself in loving waters, and let your heart heal and grow. 

Wash away obstacles to Love!

Heal Your Heart!

Blessed Be!

gemini moon with neptune


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