Full Moon in Sagittarius and Lunar Eclipse!!!

Full Moon in Sagittarius and Lunar Eclipse!!!

This months full moon is in Sagittarius, the philosopher of the Zodiac.  Just as the moon bursts full of reflective light in search of Truth she gets eclipsed by the Gemini sun, our need to look at things from all angles and talk about what we see.  Sagittarius pushes us to achieve the deepest profound understand of our reality we can.  The inner planets and Jupiter all lined up in Gemini ask us to get practical and ask for what we need in order to live our Truth.  We are more open now to hearing all the sides of a situation, and more able to make an informed choice about how best to proceed without sacrificing our Self.  The means are just as important as the end. 

This eclipse in the third in a set of three.  This is the last big reset/reshuffle of hearts and motivations until late October.   The eclipse on April 25th helped us let go of things we needed to sacrifice for our new self to evolve. The eclipse on May 9th gave us inspiration to dedicate our will to our new self emerging and prepare the way. Part of that preparation has been some intense situations designed to remind us that we cannot ignore our emotions. How we feel and how we deal with those emotions are paramount to what will come out of this next eclipse.  The final eclipse, happening tonight, is an opportunity to get really clear on what we need and put those intentions out to the Universe.  It’s time to ask for what we need.  Sing it loud and proud as clearly and simply as possible, and in the next few weeks the way ahead should become remarkably clear. 

Ask for what you need! 

Blessed Be!



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