New Moon in Taurus and Solar Eclipse!

New Moon in Taurus and Solar Eclipse!

This last new moon was in Taurus.  Taurus is our stable point of home and family.  Taurus guides our sensual self and our financial stability, and it just got a major reset.  This weekend was the beginning of a new phase for everyone.  We’ve reevaluated our ideas of family and home.  We’ve noticed that maybe our needs have changed in those areas, and the next two weeks we should be ready for some real movin and shakin as things shift.  This was the second eclipse in a series of three fairly close together.  The third one will be on May 25, bringing this release, prepare, rebirth cycle to a close.  Life is offering us stress, but it should be the stress of knowing what we want and sorting out the best way to get there.  

The inner planets are a mix between Taurus (home, family, stability, security, sensuality) which is undergoing huge change, and Gemini which is our need to explore our options and talk about our needs.  We’ve entered a phase where talking about what’s changing is important to the success of our change. Gemini advises us always to look at both sides of the equation, though, and allow our shadow self to have an opinion. We must incorporate our multiplicity of self and include those needs in our new plan.  Disowning the parts of the self we don’t like will only serve to spin us down a path that doesn’t actually make us happy in the long run.  The time is now to talk about options, be realistic, and get excited about the future.  When May 25th rolls around it will be time to implement change.  So find your favorite sounding board friends and get some ideas flowing about how to pursue your dreams! 

Explore your options and get excited about the future!

It’s Business Time!

Blessed Be!

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