Full Moon in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse!!!

Full Moon in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse!!!

This months full moon is in Scorpio.  Scorpio is the Ocean of the Zodiac.  The deepest strongest waters of our emotional, spiritual, mystical selves.  This full moon shines her light on our emotional and spiritual limits, discipline and structure.  Healing Neptune has a supportive connection to this moment.  And Mars and Venus fuel our need from change from stable Taurus.  If our lives have given us cages that are too small we will find the full force of our inner self tearing down the walls of those cages.  This full moon the dam will breach, the walls around our hearts will be torn down.  We cannot be contained.  We are going to feel our full self.   This full moon the cat is out of the bag.  The release is now.  We need to let go of everything that does not serve our higher self.  The lies, the frustrations, the awkwardness, the battle is Over.  We Win. 

The eclipse is a giant reset button.  This particular eclipse is a reset button for our emotional self,  our emotional needs, our stability, and our resolve. We are going to come out the other side of this eclipse knowing exactly what we can and cannot put up with anymore.  We may find that our needs have changed and finally we notice that. For the most part people around us will be supportive.  There will be a lot of shifting in hearts around us as we realign in order to move forward.  We will know what we need to take care of ourselves, and now the way has been laid clear. 

 The first few days post fullness are healing and connected.  Finding new connections and new strength in old friends. The next few days after that might get a little more complicated as we deal with the nitty gritty of major change, but there’s a joyful positive energy in the air in general.  Momentary glitches may still crop up here and there, but nothing like the last month of major annoyances at every turn.  Finally, we can just go with the flow.  Follow our hearts, get caught up in the rush, let the old wash away.  Invite a new day!  Invite a new night!  We are the light, and we are free.

Celebrate Change! 

Blessed Be!

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