New Moon in Aries!!!

This months new moon is in Aries.  Aries is the fire starter of the zodiac, the get up and go, the motivator, the impetus of change.  The moon is starting her next cycle here, and joining her in this radical sign are Venus, Mars and Uranus.  This makes for a whole lot of need for change.  Our whole self is crying out for change, from how we feel, to how we love, to what we need, to what makes us feel connected to humanity as a whole.  New Moon backed by revolutionary Uranus in Aries makes for a whole lot of personal and political unrest. 

Tempers have been short over the last two weeks and feelings of unease and unrest are prevalent.  Start taking notes, or maybe a running free write of the things that you want to let go of in your life.  The energetic release point is coming up shortly. April 25th and the few days following are the release point.  There is a Lunar Eclipse on April 25th which is the coming full moon in Scorpio, and coincidentally Lunar Beltaine, a pagan holiday all about new beginnings.  For right now though,  we should try to keep our impulses on a leash, especially when those impulses are directed at other people. Do the best you can to uncover the sources and seeds of your frustrations and the time is coming when you can get them out of your life for good. 

Keep a lid on your temper and get ready for change!

Blessed Be!

aires moon


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