New Moon and Pisces Galore!!!

New Moon in Pisces and Pisces Galore!

This months new moon is in Pisces, a beautiful time for new beginnings and letting go of the old.  Accompanying our lady of the night sky in this Pisces transit are all of the inner planets; Mercury, Venus, Mars.  To round out this very Piscean moment we add Neptune to the mix, who has been and will remain in Pisces all year.   Neptune is exalted in Pisces which is part of why 2013 is a time that brings dreamers together in pursuit of a common love and healing for all. Pisces is the end of the Zodiac, it’s the gentle changing waters of the heart, sign of the dreamer and the artist.  Pisces is about death and rebirth too, so we’re all feeling like that old paradigm is in need of a shift.

Mercury is the messenger of the heavens, communication, travel, technology, signs and omens are all his domain.  Having our center of communications be in watery non-committal Pisces can be tricky, we are reminded to try a different approach if we really want different results. Venus is all about love and attraction.  Her transit through Pisces brings a fresh look at our current lover, or an interest in a new kind of love. Be aware that changing your behavior, your look and even your location attracts different situations.  Mars represents our will, our passion, and even confrontation.  Mars is a very firey planet, so he doesn’t pull of Pisces very well.  Make sure you really  want to follow through with things before you commit to any course of action or course of argument. Our fancies are piqued easily right now, but we don’t need to follow each one of them.  

Putting it all together:  This is a time for a fresh look at our beliefs about ourselves and our reality.  We need to really look closely at the ideas and motives behind our actions before we commit to a long term plan.  If you’re feeling the need to review before taking a plunge, do it, and take your time.  If you’re feeling like you need some fresh faces in your life, this is a great time to get out there and make friends, but don’t expect many to be long lasting.  We’re in need of perspective right now, not commitment.  Don’t forget to tell the people who are in your life that you love them before you go out chasing your dreams for a night.  Put on the craziest outfit you can muster, try the latest new spot in town, even if it doesn’t seem your style.  Now is the time to try on some ideas before we decide which one we’ll commit to. 

Don’t be scared, enjoy the ride!

Blessed Be!

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