Full Moon in Virgo!!!

Full Moon in Virgo

This full moon is in Virgo, but there are some big transits of planets in water signs. Virgo is the analyzer of the zodiac, but surrounded by all this water she can get desperate.  Be on guard for jumping to conclusions. Virgo is about perfection and clarity, even if that perfection is a complex and intricate thing.  The full moon brings out our need to analyze our current situation, to look at it from all sides and consider all of our options.  At this point we have a goal, maybe even a plan, but now we’re trying to perfect that plan.  We have a clear perspective of some of the obstacles we face, and it’s time to address them directly. 

Saturn and Mercury turn retrograde in water signs, so we face a challenging time of wanting to reach a logical conclusion while our emotions are sort of a muddle.   When the heart is unsure, trusting the mind to make the right plan can be difficult. These planets emphasize the need to present our ideas carefully and compassionately in order to avoid any emotional backlash.  We’re getting a mini re-run of our emotional changes back in October.   Try not to second guess your entire plan.  Instead, acknowledge upcoming obstacles and the progress you’ve already  made.   Toast the half way point and recharge for round two! 

Mercury and Mars move towards each other and line up in Pisces on Feb 26th.  This means we’re not afraid to talk about areas of conflict in our life, and there’s a real possibility for resolution too.  Again the challenge is to not say something hurtful and emotionally charged in the moment, but to spend the time really analyzing what we need in the situation before we talk to the people involved.  We need to be honest and ask for help to change our situation to suit our needs.  Try to avoid blame, shame and guilt.  Pull out your compassion and your honesty.  Acknowledge your obstacles and ask for help to overcome them.

 Trust in the Universe and believe in yourself! 

Blessed Be! 

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