New Moon in Aquarius!!!

New Moon in Aquarius

Tonight is the new moon in Aquarius!  Aquarius is the constant of the air signs.  The north wind, the steady gust, the ocean breeze. This new moon is also Lunar Imbolc, the time after the deepest of the darkness, and before the sprouting of spring.  This moon is all about being committed to your ideas even before they’re really starting to hatch. The seed starts working hard to make it’s way through the cold crust of the earth long before it reaches the surface.  

This is the perfect moon for starting new projects.  The stars are ripe for dreaming big and working towards thos dreams regardless how far out there they seem.  You know what you want.  Go get it! Do whatever you can to start the process, even if it’s just writing down what you will do later.  For the crafty types this is a great moon to do some intentional collage work. 

Blessed Be!!!



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