Leo Full Moon!!!

Leo Full Moon!

Tomorrow is the full moon is in Leo.  Leo is fixed fire.  The bonfire, the forest fire, the sun.  Leo is the performer; gregarious, social, and can make anything into a production, sometimes unnecessarily. The moon shines the full reflected light of our inner self on this sun ruled sign, calling into question the way we feel seen by others, and how we feel about the people around us.  Leo knows how to keep things going.  This is the fire that doesn’t fizzle, it’s just that big.   

Full Moon in Leo brings out the party in most people, so if you’re feeling the need to meet and greet, or be in good company you’re most likely not alone.   Don’t stress about what to bring, or what to wear, you’re great just how you are, just go say hi.  If you’re feeling frustrated by the people around you it’s time for a reality check.  Do something by yourself out and about and see if some new bonds don’t forge with people who excite you.  The best disposition of Leo also brings a deep sense of honesty and generosity.  Don’t over do it, just be honest with yourself and everyone else and be generous with your compassion when others are honest with you.  

This full moon marks a point of clarity in our cycle of change.  This is the moment where the changes brewing from November until now start to really make sense.  We did the emotional work, we even got some of the key pieces of the plan in place.  Now we can see the full impact our changes will bring.  Most of the inner planets are in Air signs, which bring clarity and focus, and plenty of fuel for our fire.  All the planets are direct right now for 3 weeks.  The changes you start in motion now will be habit forming and likely to stick.  

Know what you want, and just do it! 

Blessed Be!

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