New Moon in Capricorn!

New Moon in Capricorn

Tonight is the new moon in Capricorn!  Capricorn is the beginning of earth.  It’s the bedrock of the earth signs.  When it moves, we all feel it.  New moons are beginning and ending points.  Time to acknowledge changes that have occurred and look at areas you’d like to change more.  The new moon in Capricorn is  a call to look at the structures in your life,  routines you maintain, and your physical needs.  

We’re starting to see some real physical progress and outcomes after our emotional change back in October when Saturn moved into Scorpio .  Pluto rules Scorpio and Saturn rules Capricorn.  Right now they’ve switched places, so the problems we face in either place are easier to overcome.   The new moon in Capricorn highlights the switch and brings it to the forefront of our interactions with others.  Relationships that show us our own emotional limits are important right now.  Scorpio and Capricorn work well together, because the expansive seas of Scorpio don’t erode the bedrock of Capricorn very quickly, so we’re starting to create some emotional boundaries for ourselves. 

What does it all mean?  We’re all very aware of our limits right now, but in a healthy way.  Know when to say enough is enough.  Say it nicely, but firmly.  Tell that overbearing friend that you need a little space.  Let your co-workers know a little more about you, but not all your dirty secrets.  Tell your mom she’s awesome, but that you don’t want her coming over without a call first.  

Make sure that as you lay the foundation for routines that you keep in mind your health, and your physical needs.  Add 15 min to your lunch break, get a gym membership (but only if you really have time for it), find a place that sells good fresh veggies and add it to your walk home on Fridays so you have some delicious ingredients for the weekend.  Bring physical affection into your routine too.  Be it cuddles or kink, earth is a call to love the body! 

Blessed Be!

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