Full Moon in Gemini, Moon Apogee, Lunar Eclipse

 Tonight is the full moon in Gemini, the day where the moon is farthest from the earth (Apogee) and also a lunar eclipse.    That’s a lot of goings on! So let’s break it down…

Full Moon in Gemini is all about seeing both sides of every situation.  This is a great time for talking about different ways to get achieve your goals.  Talking with people who have very different experiences, and assimilating their ideas will come more easily right now.  We’ve recently delved into a new deeper cycle of understanding of our emotional selves, and now it’s time to share with the people we love the most the ways we are changing and the new directions we are headed.  Gemini is a dual sign, Gemini sees both sides of every situation, the fun side, and the responsible side.   It’s important to keep in mind that we CAN have everything we want right now, but that integrating those things will definitely require absolute openness and communication with everyone involved.  Even if someone is only peripherally involved, make sure they get the update. 

Moon Apogee is a time we may find it harder than usual to connect to our emotions.  Right now there’s a little more breathing room in our plans, there’s room for change.  After the recent bigger planetary shifts towards Scorpio and away from Libra, it’s important to check in with your emotional needs, regardless of the bigger idea at stake.  If we can clarify our intentions now, the routines we need to set to achieve those goals will naturally fall into place after the solstice.   

Lunar Eclipse is another emotional reset button.  Having it happen during this time while the moon is as far from Earth as it gets just means it’s more about the big picture of our emotional state.  That friend that you’re not sure you want, that bad habit you’ve been meaning to break, that situation you have trouble avoiding; tonight is a good time to be thinking about these things.   It’s also a time to think about the things you want more of in your life, especially as it relates to your emotional state, or your daily routines. Want to get up and write every morning?  Want to make 5 more friends by Spring? What to take up a new creative hobby?  Make a list of ways you’d like to change your daily routines, and keep it somewhere visible.

Putting it together: Right now it’s harder than usual to feel your feelings, but more important than ever that you think about them and talk about them.  Any tough conversations with tricky people, do it now.  Tweaks to your life routines, or major changes in your day-to-day reality are great topics for discussion.  This is a talk it out time.  Dream big, and write it down!  There is still some chaotic energy around that keeps things up in the air until after the Solstice on Dec. 21st, so forward progress or feeling things “click” in regards to your new goals will take a moment.  The hardest emotional changes have already occurred though.  Now it’s time to talk it out, and figure out just how deep those changes go.  Don’t be afraid of the rabbit hole, Alice, it’s just another part of yourself. 


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