New Moon in Scorpio – Scorpio Galore!

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Scorpio, which is also the Lunar Samhain, Lunar Halloween.  This particular New Moon is going to be intense because Saturn just recently moved into Scorpio (October 7th), finishing it’s 2.2 year transit of Libra.  So adding this new moon to the mix we get a really deep sense of rebirth, especially on an emotional level.   Mercury (Nov. 15th) and Venus (Nov. 23rd) will be hitting Scorpio shortly as well.  Don’t be worried if you can’t describe your change just yet, and if your partnership isn’t keeping up with your needs.  It’ll get there, it’s just not there yet, take this time to be experimental on your own. There will be time to talk about it later.

Scorpio is all about the constant change.  Scorpio is the ocean of the zodiac, the ebb and flow. It reminds us that all things are in flux.  The only constant is change.  With Saturn’s recent shift backing up this New Moon, not only are the emotional waters we live in changing, but our limitations are too.  Scorpio is not easily contained. Those areas where we need emotional release will be super important right now.  Don’t be afraid to try something new or something old in order to get your emotional needs met. New friends and deepening connections are really important right now, as is emotional expression. Where Libra is about fairness and balance, Scorpio is about intensity and release.  Tit for tat is out the window.  Give it all you’ve got and take everything you need.

Scorpio is also a reminder to keep your ego in check and to be absolutely true to your emotional needs.  Watch that stinger! Scorpios talent for saying just the right thing to destroy a connection that is not favorable at the time will be accentuated now.  Remember to go with the flow, but not so much you get backed into a corner.  The stinger is a defensive move, so if you’re not being true to yourself be careful where you wind up, and with whom.  Appeasing others is the way of the Libra, and that time has recently passed.  Let it go, and do what you know you need to for your own happiness, even if it means doing it alone. 


    1. Great Question! I realized after I published that I didn’t address that. Solar Eclipse on a new moon is a big deal. The eclipse is like a reset button for the heart/mind. Having it hit on such a moment where we are undergoing huge emotional change anyways just speaks to the depth of transformation. The eclipse makes it that much more important to be true to yourself. Often I witness people actually being very still during eclipses, not going out, not wanting to do much, which makes sense. It’s that moment where you’re at your most vulnerable, but also at your strongest. Anyone who is in need of a serious relationship change should get really honest with themselves and their about what they need in partnership. Anyone who is in need of community should get really honest about what they need from their friends. Anyone in need of rewarding work should get really honest about that. It’s all the places we find connection that are called into question with this eclipse. This eclipse is like the eye of a storm, because we started transitioning to Scorpio about a month ago, and it’ll take another month or so for things to really shift deeply on a more sustainable level. So let the dust settle, do some deep thinking/feeling. Make some art, have a good cry, and buckle up for round two!

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