All Hallows Eve, Samhain, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos

Across the globe this time of year is respected as a time to honor those who have passed away.  This is an important time for remembering and respecting the dead.  Ancestor magic is important to many different traditions.  

Ancestors traditionally means those people in your blood family that are no longer living.  I think in modern times it’s important to realize that ancestors have a broader reach.  The people who lived where you live, the people who built the buildings you spend time in, the people who died in wars for your freedom, these are all sources of ancestral magic too.  No man is an island, especially not in modern times where we buy our food and clothes from a store, and live in buildings that have been standing for generations.  Energy attaches itself to objects in a very strong way sometimes, and often that attachment is fueled by a soul who has left this world.  Places can hold the energy of thousands of people and animals, and even energetic signatures of the plants that were native there once.  

I hope everyone remembers their ancestors this season.  We are all a part of a large web of connected energy.  That energy doesn’t stop at death, it just changes. This time of year is especially powerful for releasing rituals.  Ask the ancestors and the realm of spirit to carry away those habits and situations that no longer serve you.  I’m sure they’ll listen.


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