Taurus Full Moon

Starting now I’ll be blogging about major astrological happenings as well as any other interesting metaphysical facts.  

I’ve added a new tab called Animal Signs which is all about animals and reading animal signs. 

Tomorrow marks the full moon in Taurus.  Taurus is all about house and home and comfort.  It’s also about sensuality, not sexuality, but those things that appeal to the senses. Taurus is the mountain, earth as steady and constant as it can be.  The moon is very happy in this sign, what they call “exalted”, which means it’s effects right now are extra strong.  Now is a good time to honor your inner emotional self and give yourself those things that make you feel comfortable and safe, comfort food, snuggle time with loved ones, a nice hot bath, a beer by the fire with your dog, whatever makes you feel like home.  This is a good time for rituals to keep your job, make sure the house doesn’t need repairs for a while, or to make your home environment more safe and sound.


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